Wednesday 21/03/2018 Both courses Open. International-Trollies on, 10th tee start. TEMP GREENS front nine closed until frost clears. Lenches- Trollies on, TEMP GREENS. Bunkers on both courses G.U.R today. Further information available on the course conditions section of the main website

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A course in harmony with it’s surroundings, the International Course offers the perfect balance between a golfing challenge and the natural aesthetics of the superb Midlands location.


Set in the peaceful undulating part of the complex, the Lenches 9 hole course presents a fair test for experienced golfers and beginners alike. The combination of water hazards, strategically placed bunkers and two testing doglegs creates a course of great variety.



Latest information Saturday  17th February 2018 

Oh dear what can we say – more snow today! Some hardy souls have gone out to play but most have elected to use the range instead.

One of the biggest issues raised by the members over the last year (and at the AGM) has been the state of the paths around the course. As most of you know we have committed to a 3 year plan to address this problem. A rubber compound surface has been chosen (pictured below) which is long lasting and hard wearing. As with most things in life those words are immediately followed by the words …’so therefore quite expensive’

This sample is available for you to view in the pro shop. Personally when I saw it sitting on my desk I thought it looked like birdseed but when you look at it close up it is the real deal and a perfect solution to the paving problem.

The first path to be completed will be the 1st/10th on the International course. This will be closely followed by the 1st on the Lenches and the 3rd to 4th and 5th to 6th on the International.

Ongoing jobs – we are awaiting warmer temperatures to be able to access turf (suppliers not cutting turf in the cold weather) to complete the work on the 11th tee.

So that leaves us with the ongoing work in the clubhouse – this weekend there has been some repainting and redecorating on both the ground and middle floors.