Junior Academy Programs


For years our Roll-up lessons have been very successful at the Vale and we aren’t looking to change that. The roll up lessons provide a great foundation for golfers to test the water with our great game and see if they catch the bug! Roll up lessons will continue in 2018 but with a few new faces helping out. Whilst Harry Thompson will continue to own overall responsibility for player progression and development, both Rich Heaney and Jack Downey from our growing Academy Professional staff will also be helping out from time to time. Be sure to say hello to them next time you are in the shop. Roll up sessions will continue to be at 10.30am on both a Saturday and Sunday each week throughout the year.



In the interest of looking to push our Juniors to be as good as they can be, we will be introducing a new 10 Week Development Program for those golfers who are ready to stretch their legs and develop some more of their golfing skills. Following a defined training program throughout each 10 Week block, each part of the players game will be assessed and worked on by our Academy coaching team. Harry, Rich and Jack can’t wait to get their teeth into these programs and help our juniors become some of the best in the county. Initially the 10 Week Development Program will run on a Sunday at 11.30am each week throughout the year.

Please let either Pete Turner or Harry Thompson know if you wish to be part of either of these sessions. &